Kuwait National Petroleum Co trains 50,000 on labour law rights

Phase 1 of KNPC’s initiative at the Clean Fuels Project site saw 50,000 workers informed about their legal rights

Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) announced the formation of a social welfare committee to educate foreign workers on their rights as enumerated by their contracts, in line with Kuwait’s labour law.

Phase 1 of KNPC’s activity was conducted at the site of its Clean Fuels Project (CFP), covering 50,000 workers that are operating under 40 contracts with external contractors by KNPC.

The committee started a personal, collective interview with employees of the CFP to familiarise them with their rights in terms of the number of working hours, overtime, salaries, housing, measures to be taken in higher temperatures, and other associated benefits and entitlements.

Accessible at different workplaces along site entrances and exits, publications in eight languages – including Arabic, English, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese, and Tagalog – were distributed to ensure the committee’s ideas were communicated to as many people as possible.

During the meetings, KNPC also stressed the importance of complying with the requirements to ensure both human and equipment safety.

According to a report by Construction Week‘s sister title Refining & Petrochemicals Middle East, the KNPC committee’s responsibilities include their conduction of periodic audits to know if contractors comply with the Kuwaiti labour law and follow their procedures, including workplaces and workers’ housing.


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