Development plan for Al Ain urban areas unveiled

Urban Planning Council to implement major projects in city development

Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council have announced a development plan for Al Ain consisting of a series of planning policies and major projects designed to enhance the lifestyles of the local community.

The first stage will see the Council identifying planning opportunities in the 64 districts that comprise Al Ain and will build on the Urban Structure Framework Plan, ‘Plan Al Ain City 2030’, launched in 2009.

Director of Planning and Infrastructure, Eng. Amer Al Hammadi, said that Al Ain had reached a crucial turning point as population rapidly increases and the authorities had to make the most of the available land.

Hammadi said, “The Development Plan for Urban Areas in Al Ain aims to improve the efficiency of available land in Al Ain City by identifying sites for new buildings on under-utilised land. It ensures a high quality of life for all residents by providing adequate community facilities, such as schools and clinics, along with a number of parks and plazas, and identifies development policies that will protect the character of Al Ain’s neighbourhoods and facilitate new development opportunities.”

The UPC will work alongside Al Ain Surface Transportation Master Plan (STMP), the Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority, and various utility providers who are working to ensure current and future demands for power and water are met.

Plan Al Ain 2030, which was unveiled by the UPC in April 2009, aims to develop Al Ain into an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable city.

It is focusing on five different initiatives including using available land intelligently, increasing density with the buildings and city centre, preserving surrounding agricultural areas, creating a surface tram system and protecting designated environmental zones.



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