3 ways of hitting your target market every time

Creating a fantastic product or service can be a wonderful experience for you and those around you.

The problem that often occurs is how to get your product to the target audience.

Throughout the 20th Century marketing and distribution of products have been limited to corporations with big budgets and air time to buy. Small pockets of air can be founded in radio, tv advertising and such to manoeuvre quick and catchy themes to wide audience. However with the onslaught of social media and the mass use of the internet, these pockets  have been scrapped up for small to medium sized companies.

Unfathomable to the naked eye, i.e. someone who is not a regular user of social media oversee the solid returns small dosages of advertisement can have on social media user.

Where we get our information from has now changed, the internet is playing an ever increasing role in the content we consume and marketing is making the same shift into these new channels of distribution.

Below I have categorised a short list of the best way to market your product in unfamiliar waters.

  1. Meeting prospective clients face-to-face

If you think your idea, be it a product or service, has enough clout to make the clients heads turn and you also have the confidence and charisma to make your idea appealing to buy wholesale i.e. in buld then this is obviously the best cause of action.

Arrange a meeting, bring your prototype, describe the product in detail, provide price and then wait for the client to give you an immediate response or return your call.

However if you have a product that is you want to sell to customers on a individual bases and you want this product to be seen by many then a different tactic is needed.

  1. Radio airtime or TV time

As mentioned previously if you have the means to purchase airtime for radio and television during what you perceive may be your customers prime time than this is a great option. Television still has significant advertising power and its users equate TV with fame and success – i.e. a successful product has sold enough units for it to reach the TV screens. Seeing something advertised on TV can have an effect on quality certification, however there is no telling is your targeting audience were awake or present at the time your product was aired.

  1. Social Media Advertising

Internet use has increased by alot over the last decade. Children, teens, adults, parents and grand parents are online.  The ease of booking, travel, purchases, connecting with friends makes it no braniner.

To monopolise on the use of social media to improve your marke you no longer have to go through expensive television or radio advertisement that will carpet bomb listeners that may or may not be tuned in. By investing in a small amount of money for your private business you can penetrate into a group of friends or community that will almost certainly be interested in the product or service that you are selling.

It is effective- it is efficient and it works. Sales can increase by over 45% through the use targeted ads.  Click on this link to find out more how you can get your product to market.

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