Using GIS to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic

Location intelligence changes the fight against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Maps and geographic information systems (GIS) provide valuable insights to help organizations respond to the crisis, maintain continuity of operations, and support the process of reopening.

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic

GIS provides public health modeling and mapping tools for surveillance and monitoring, understanding resource capacity and needs, and improving critical communication. Maps deliver the insights needed to plan and respond in a rapidly changing environment and help slow the spread.










Collect real-time data on cases, testing sites, medical facilities, and inventory and capacity for key resources. Visualize the data with maps.


Analyze case data, bed and resource capacity, and community mobility. Identify where critical resources are needed and prioritize interventions.


Deploy resources based on real-time insights from the field, enhance critical communications, and monitor how your efforts are working.

Maintain Business Continuity

Location intelligence provides real-time insights about the impact the pandemic is having on the workforce, business, and key facilities in relation to customers or residents. Location intelligence helps organizations place the best resources to keep moving forward.

Monitor, manage, and communicate the impact of COVID-19

Governments and businesses alike are facing unprecedented challenges related to COVID-19. To enhance business resilience, organizations can leverage location intelligence to understand the impact of the crisis and make data-driven decisions to enhance recovery efforts.


Quickly identify how your workforce and facilities are impacted by the virus and minimize potential exposure as conditions change.


Accurately assess and allocate your resources to maintain business activities where possible and in compliance with policy restrictions.


Holistically understand your hyper local market conditions and gain unique insights to prioritize markets for recovery and for renewing services.

Reopen Communities

GIS provides a location-based approach to monitoring reopening and economic indicators so communities can be safe and informed as they move forward. Leverage maps to understand emerging concerns and implement a system that integrates critical data, activities, and programs.

Coronavirus Recovery Solutions Available Now

Deploy ready-to-use solutions and models that help you coordinate response, maintain business continuity, develop capacity plans, and reopen your community.

Data Explore

Geospatial data sourced from the global GIS community and our trusted partners to visualize and analyze the virus in the context of a map.

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