Licensing blocks in South Sudan

The Republic of South Sudan

The country gained its independence on the 9th July 2011. The country area is 619745 Km2 and the Capital is Juba.
The population is estimated in 2015 to be 12 Millions. The official language is English, and the currency is South Sudanese pound.

The country production is currently close to 200,000 B/D.

Current Country Production

From Melut Basin: ranging between120,000 to 135,000.

Muglad basin is being revived by bringing developed fields into production. Currently 60,000 B/D.
Block 5A is developed to produce 10,000 B/D. Not put to production.

The Blocks of South Sudan are colour coded in the map below:

White: Free blocks on offer
Green: Producing Blocks
Yellow: Licensed Exp. Blocks

The 14 blocks are offered in 3 Bidding rounds (coloured in Brown, Blue, and Red,) as shown in the map below.

These blocks fall between or extend southwards from the producing blocks in Muglad and Melut in both Sudan & South Sudan; or Anza basin in Kenya.

A couple of blocks extend northwards from Anza basin which has a proven petroleum system with discoveries in Kenya.

The area of the offered blocks is covered by gravity with a few drilled wells. However, many neighbouring exploration blocks are licensed for companies who have put work program and budgets to start exploration.

All basins of South Sudan exhibit extension asymmetric and symmetric rift basins containing thick continental clastic sediments and minor volcanics.

Reservoir, source and seal beds of late Cretaceous and Tertiary are preserved in these basins. The Location of the offered blocks within the Muglad basin and adjacent to a valid petroleum system show their high potentiality.

Favorable trend for HC accumulations in the surrounding concession area can be extended as a proven trend to the
frontier blocks areas.



For further Detailed technical information please review:

1. The Basin Report, for prospectivity.
2. The individual block report.
3. The Petroleum Act & PSC Model for fiscal and legal terms.
4. The country report for general information about South Sudan.


Source: Ministry of Petroleum , petro-tech


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